FIFPA Trauma Education Programs

We specialize in educating youth, parents, and professionals about how childhood adversity affects the development of the brain and the functioning of the body’s stress response cycle.

We Are Forged In Fire.

We Develop And Build Trauma Education Programs.

Our Mission:
Forged in Fire supports parents and educators challenged by youth with disruptive behaviors for which usual strategies and interventions are ineffective. Neurophysiology informs the individualized training and support programs designed by Forged in Fire.

Our Vision:
Forged in Fire seeks to create environments in homes and schools that surround each child in trusting relationships that mitigate the impacts of toxic stress and foster resilience and hope.

Are You Ready To Forge Ahead?

Trauma Informed Education
"Never assume you know your students until you have invested the time to listen, ask, visit, and get to know them on a more personal level."

Program Feedback

Real testimonials from educators and parents just like you.

“Every conflict presents you with a choice. You can choose to view conflict as an opportunity to teach or as an opportunity to blame and punish.”

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